Vase with Three Plum Blossoms

5 500kr.

Design and 3D printed in Copenhagen. 

A statement piece for the center spotlight. Inspired by the iconic Meiping shape from Song dynasty (960-1279), the Vase with Three Plum Blossoms mapped three displacement plum blossoms as the surface embellishment, which creates a surreal visual stimulation.

The Vase with Three Plum Blossoms also exhibits what 3D printing can bring the old time classy back to today, in use of recycled material.

Color    Black
Material    r-PLA*
Printing time    24h
Dimension    Ø:16cm x H:38cm 
Production Waste    less than 1g**

Care     Clean with a damp cloth. Keep it away from fire.

* Recycled PLA is one of the strongest materials with high durability and impact resistance.
** Production waste comes from the machine preparation process, the waste is recyclable. Support material is avoided in the design.