Sankt Thomas Plads - mini

299 kr.

Design and 3D printed in Copenhagen.

01 - cuboid
02 - pyramid
03 - column

Sankt Thomas Plads is a
series of objects inspired by natural shapes and born through digital techniques.
The chunky forms and black colour create a dense visual effect, in contrast to their lightweight nature.

Color    Yellow
Material    r-PLA*
Printing time    
Dimension    H: 13.5cm x W: 5.7cm x L:5.7cm  
Energy Consumption    
Production Waste    less than 1g**

Care     Clean it with soap and cold water. Keep it away from fire.

* Recycled PLA is one of the strongest materials with high durability and impact resistance.
** Production waste comes from the machine preparation process, the waste is recyclable. Support material is avoided in the design.