Glass Noodles Sculpture

3 200 kr.

Design and 3D printed in Copenhagen.

Glass Noodles Sculpture has an interesting structure and a freeform appearance, the entire object is generated from additive manufacturing (3d printing) program. 

The object can be used as a not-your-everyday bag. 

Attention: the entire object needs to be handled with care, especially the strings on the surface. 
Production Time: 2 weeks

Color    Natural Transparent
Material    r-PETG*
Printing time    12h
Dimension    H: 25cm x L: 19cm x W:10cm

Weight    300g
Energy Consumption    1.83kWh
Production Waste    less than 1g**

Care     Clean with a damp cloth. Keep it away from fire.

* Recycled PETG is a material with good mechanical characteristics. 
** Production waste comes from the machine preparation process, the waste is recyclable. Support material is avoided in the design.